Thursday, 16 August 2018

How to go Live on Youtube

How to go Live on YouTube

Are you stuck in the old ways of doing business and falling behind the curve?
Jump on the Info-Products Bandwagon with the “Granddaddies” of all Make Money Online Methods – 
YouTube & Live Videos- to drive tons of revenue for your business.

Live video is more popular than ever.

And YouTube claims more than 1 billion users uploading millions of hours of videos. 

Almost 6 out of 10 users on YouTube pick the live video.
Hence, the profit potential in this niche is enormous for businesses. 

Live video on YouTube acquires more engagement, shares, and comments than regular videos.

It’s the prime time for live streaming, and if you miss the boat, you could be missing out 
on huge traffic numbers and the ability to create a viral buzz.

YouTube Livestreaming is one of the most genuine ways to connect with an audience and allows for levels of personalization that the marketing industry has never seen.

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Friday, 10 August 2018

Silent Sales Machine for Free

Silent Sales Machine for Free - Yes Free!

This all time #topseller is now in it's 10th major update

As one of the most read Internet business #success books of all time, Jim is committed to keeping it up to date and always full of the most cutting edge ideas. Multiple #onlinebusiness strategies are documented as the author advises everyone from "#newbies" to seasoned professionals on what does and doesn't work in the world on online business 

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Topics covered include: 
Selling on, creative uses of eBay, finding and growing a loyal audience online, social marketing, automating your online efforts, effective email marketing and multiple real life success stories from his ever growing audience of creative and successful online entrepreneurs.

Monday, 30 July 2018

4 Online Marketing Strategies that Mom and Pop Stores Should Be Doing Too

4 Online Marketing Strategies that Mom and Pop Stores Should Be Doing Too

In today's fact paced social media driven society, EVERY mom and pop, bricks and mortar business should have an online presence!

So, if you are one of those types of businesses, how is yours looking?

For some weird reason, there are still a hell of a lot of businesses that have resisted going online!! Beats me, why, but hey!

For example 30% of offline businesses STILL do not have a website. And they cite cost as the main contributing factor as to why they don't have one. Do they not realise that by not having one they are losing far more revenue?

Over 80% of internet users have a smartphone these days, so they are online at multiple times every day. Millennials are the generation that businesses need to targeting. Already, 72 percent of millennials research an establishment online before walking in to shop or business.

So, what are the 4 Top things you should be doing online to grow your bricks and mortar business?

1. Building an online community

The world and his wife is on Facebook (despite their recent problems with Cambridge Analytica and a drop in expected revenues for the quarter), so it is the best place to grow an audience.

Start a Facebook page and post to it regularly (several times a week - daily if possible). Don't know what to post? Post something related to your industry (search Google News for ideas) or industry related quote meme's.

2. Do paid advertising online

The fastest way to get in front of your prospects is to run online ads, but you need to be careful that you do not lose your shirt on these!

There are several options, Google Adwords, Bing Ads (a very under utilised platform), Facebook ads (probably the best place on the planet to reach your targeted prospects).

3. Build a relationship with your followers via email

Email marketing is by far the best way to grow your revenue exponentially. By getting people to Know, Like and Trust your business you can get them to buy from you again and again thereby increasing the Lifetime Value of a customer. 

As a special for readers of this post we have a no-brainer offer on learning the nuts and bolts on running successful email campaigns. Usually $27 but for you ONLY $3

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4. Have a good looking, well optimised website

As we said above, 30% of local businesses STILL do not have a website. This is commercial suicide as people expect you to have one nowadays.

But, don't just throw up a free one from Wix or Weebly or something like that. They just look cheap and do not promote your business in a professional way.

It must look good and needs to keep the visitors engaged and prevent them from clicking away seconds after arriving.

It must also be optimised to be found in the search engines. This can be a minefield but it is definitely something that is worth looking at.

So, all you bricks and mortar businesses out there - are you ready to get an online presence yet?

Feel free to get in touch if you want some help

Saturday, 21 July 2018

How to make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram

Really great video from Stefan Ciancio (experienced online marketer) giving useable info on how to make money on Instagram in 2018.

He gives you actionable information that will enable you to start making bank from the hottest social media platform of 2018.

Click the Image Above for All the Info

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

3 Most Popular Ways of Making Money on the Internet

Do you know that 95% of the people starting out in their internet businesses fail? In the middle of all the noise and hype on the internet today, not many people realize that all the ideas and techniques you can find are useless if you don't first understand what your business model is or how are you going to make money on the internet. Even the most remarkable internet marketing technique will not work if you don't understand how to apply it to your business.

The 3 most popular business models are:

1) Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps the most popular one out there, affiliate marketing provides a good start for newbies. Almost anyone can sign-up for an affiliate program for free and start promoting the chosen product or service. Commissions start coming in if someone will buy or participate in the programs promoted. Affiliate marketers don't carry any risk, since they do not pay for the creation of the product, they do not handle customer service, they need not know the innards of internet transactions, like merchant accounts, autoresponder (what is that?), reciprocal linking, etc. It's also possible to be an affiliate even without a website.
Some affiliate marketing programs you may participate in require little up-front investment. Some are free. It's no surprise therefore that almost everyone and their neighbor promotes an affiliate program or another. In fact, if there is a single reason why the Internet today is so proliferated with ads and banners, it's because of affiliate programs.
With the millions out there involve in affiliate marketing, only 5% ever make any money and only 1% makes really big money. The "Super Affiliates," so they are called, do it very differently from the rest, therefore they earn the big checks.

2) Writing an eBook or other type of information product, recording an information CD.

This is a great strategy because there are thousands of possibilities for the type of product that you can create. There are so many niche markets that you can write about. It could be a course on Japanese gardens, how to start your own babysitting business, how to sell your artwork, taking care of your dog's ears ... there are endless topics and still many that have not yet been explored by online marketers. You don't have to write the information yourself, you can get a ghost writer or hire someone to produce the CD.
EBook authors need to invest more than affiliates do. While affiliates can get something for nothing, the same is not true for the eBook type of business. EBook authors need to learn a lot more than affiliates are required to. They need to spend some amount of money getting the business up and running. However, when done right, the payoff in this online business model is much more rewarding.
These marketers make more money because they have very, very low production and maintenance costs. Once the product is produced, it doesn't cost a cent to reproduce thousands of copies. Start-up costs can be covered by selling just a few copies of very high-margin eBooks. You can even recruit hordes of affiliates to do the selling for you.

3) AdSense

This has taken the internet by storm. There are tons of testimonials from people making outrageous income from adsense.
Adsense is Google's advertising program wherein webmasters display ads from Google's extensive list of advertisers. Unobtrusive text-based ads are served in member sites, who then earn a commission every time someone clicks on the advertisers' links.
Google Adsense uses a technology to deliver ads that are highly relevant to the content of a page. Google's engine will scan through the content of the page to determine its topic, and will then serve ads that are relevant to the page's content. Running Google Adsense is quite simple. First build a website full of content of your desired niche or topic, and then register in Google's adsense program. Once approved, you then paste a code in your page, and the ads start appearing immediately after you upload the changes to your server.
Google is silent on how it shares the revenue per click with their partners, but how much you will earn per click depends on the topic and the product being advertised. Products with profit margins of $10 for the advertiser will most likely give you a smaller pay per click than a product with a $100 margin. Similarly, ads with high conversion rates will normally give you higher payouts than less effective ads, since they can afford to pay more dollars per click, with a portion of that money going to you.
These are the top 3 most popular online business models today. No matter which model you choose, make sure you understand the basics. Stop buying courses or information not applicable to your business. Information overload can stop you before you even get started.

Monday, 25 June 2018

You’re A Salesperson in Your Life!

Strange as it may seem, our life is made up of a series of “sales presentations”. Sales may not be your gig, but if you’re the boss you’re making presentations everyday. Be it a pitch to your Board, announcing a policy change to employees, selling an idea to your spouse, or just trying to win others over to your point of view – you need to punch up your people skills for winning pitches.

Human nature is such that people support solutions that they help create, so involve them by allowing your audience to participate with questions or ideas. It goes without saying that to not involve key people is risky, because messages can be misunderstood. Your plans may be derailed before they begin if sufficient “buy-in” is lacking. Use lots of open-ended questions in your presentation to draw out the silent type.

Preparation is a key to success. Prepare your listeners to what’s coming during or before your presentation. Try these pre-meeting tactics:

  • Assign task-related pre-work. This could be pre-reading or study of a problem, and the preparations of possible solutions. An example could be, “go and visit three kinds of accounts before the meeting.”
  • Make pre-meeting contacts with those invited by email, phone, or in person. You might want to try an informal survey to get people’s position on the issues at hand.

Remember support on key or controversial matters can be established ahead of time by lobbying, if you know where to lobby.

Do your research! People who make it look easy and are effective presenters have a hidden arsenal. This is an arsenal of up-to-date, organized material that can be accessed quickly in ready-to-use form when needed. They have the stats to back up their ideas, and they have a mental arsenal of stories, examples, jokes, and ice-breakers to use when needed.

Your physical presentation could include tangible items relating to the issue such as recent articles clipped from newspapers or magazines, photographs, reports, and demonstration property. To become masterful in this art learn to maintain resources you can access for just the right thing at the right time.

The next thing you must do is to explain “why?” The single most powerful thing you can do to convince your audience of something is to provide a convincing reason why they should do what you suggest or believe what you say. People want and need a clear “WIIFM” – “what’s in it for me?” – to be able to react positively to what you want them to do. It’s extremely important that you deliver a vision of benefits. Hearing the “why” won’t automatically generate a “yes” to your proposition, but it’ll open the door for receptivity to your idea.

Knowing and accepting the “why” satisfies a basic need that we all have – to understand the purpose of our actions. Use the words “because” or “so that” in your presentation and then finish the phrase. When your subject matter is controversial or likely to generate emotions, it is essential that your “why’s” be tested in advance. Ask some people you trust or that are on your “team” to play devil’s advocate to help you with your logic and arguments.

These are just the first four points for making successful presentations. There are eight of them in total, and we’ll look at the other four in my column next week. For now, let me leave you with this thought.
Life is a sales job from beginning to end. From the moment that we discern how to get approval as children, winning friends at school, getting our first beau, getting our first (and subsequent) job, getting engaged and married, achieving our goals, and anything else you can think of in between – we’re selling ourselves or our ideas all along the way. Who said you weren’t a salesperson?

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Top Mistakes That Are Limiting Your Growth

Top Mistakes That Are Limiting Your Growth

Is your site not growing the way you always imagined it? Are you tired waiting for your site to stop getting 100 views a day and to become a massive hit? What’s going wrong?

Well, there are actually any number of things that might be going wrong here. This is good news really, because it means there are lots of opportunities for you to improve your strategy and thereby increase your growth rapidly.

Let’s take a look at some of the top mistakes that might be preventing your site from taking off as quickly as you might have hoped…

You Are Writing Generic Posts
One of the most common mistakes I see, is that people write generic posts. That is to say that they write content that is boring and that is derivative. You know the stuff ‘How to Get Six Pack Abs’. Really? Like your audience haven’t read this a million times before!

Content marketing only works when you have some genuinely interesting and unique content to share. So think harder about what you want to write and who might read it!

You Aren’t Sharing
Building the best site possible and filling it with incredible content is THE most important thing you can do to encourage growth. However, it is also not enough on its own. The problem is that this doesn’t ensure people will actually know about your content!

So you need to make sure you also share your content and let people know about it! That means posting to social media, it means posting in social sharing sites and it means writing guest posts. Whatever you do though, it just means getting the word out somehow!

I’m not talking about SEO that is badly done and so doesn’t work! I’m talking about SEO that is overdone and so actually starts to actively detract from your potential success.

In the worst case scenario, this means keyword stuffing: filling your website with keyphrases and terms you think Google wants to see, not recognizing that this actually does a lot more harm than good because it puts real readers off of sticking around!

The other problem you might be experiencing? A lack of patience! Perhaps your expectations are just too high for what is likely to happen in the first month? Don’t assume your business will take off overnight but instead keep plugging away consistently.

How to go Live on Youtube

How to go Live on YouTube Are you stuck in the old ways of doing business and falling behind the curve? Jump on the Info-Products Bandwa...